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Heavy Duty CNC Roll Turning Lathe CK980HDx5000

Heavy Duty CNC Roll Turning Lathe CK980HDx5000

  • FAST roll turning by CNC comes true. Only 42 minutes renew a roll with cylindrical and grooves turning (Dia. 340mm, barrel 800mm). Save a LOT of money for you every day! You will be no longer to spend 3 or 5 days for a roll turning by normal conventional lathe. Few hours will be done for a whole roll turning & grooving by this special CNC lathe. One machine beats about 5 normal conventional lathes. 
  • Heavy Duty Turning. Usually, CNC lathe cannot do heavy duty turning, because it’s designed for normal shaft turning. But, ROLL is not small shaft. It’s BIG and HEAVY. This CNC lathe was designed SPECIALLY for roll turning. Completely different with normal lathe. It is the time to get rid of normal conventional lathe for roll turning. Such as CQW62100, CW62100, C8450B, CA8450… 
  • Special European Frame Type tool post support heavy-duty cutting. None any NC square turret tool post can beat with it. 
  • Upgrade from CK8450; overcome all disadvantages in similar machines, such as weakness, light cutting, low efficiency and vibration etc. Fast & accurate turning come true
  • Germany Brand ‘SIEMENS 802D’ CNC controller offer 0.001mm resolution
  • Rigidity widened 4-square ways bed with supersonic hardened & ground. (The competitor’s bed width is only about 700mm. But, our CK952HD is 820mm. Competitors’ machine weight is only about 8,500kg. But, ours (CK952HDx2500) is about 11,000kg.)
  • Home made special supper strong 4-jaw chuck with thickening plate & longer jaws, guarantee strong clamping and high torque for roll turning. (Plate thickness 180mm; Jaw length 120mm
  • Independent Hydraulic station offers automatic & smooth gear shifting in headstock. Continuous force lubrication guarantees long working life of gears. Manual gear shifting for two ranges is incomparable with ours. 
  • Anti-backlash gears used in headstock, precision ball screw and AC servo motor accomplish precision, smooth and variable speed transversal feed/rapid feed (X axes) and longitudinal feed/rapid feed (Y axes).
  • Big bore spindle was made by high tensile, forged alloy steel with hardened and precision ground. It was supported at 3 points by Japanese NSK bearings. (2 precision double row cylindrical roller bearings & 1 ball bearing) 
  • Japan NSK 60°angle contact ball bearings were used for ball screw achieved “fix-fix” supports. High repeat positioning accuracy is available after preload.
  • Centralized automatic lubrication pump provides automatic lubrication to all key units such as: guide ways, ball screws, ball screw bearings etc. Nothing to be worry about lack of lubrication.
  • Strong & power feed tailstock with reducer motor for quick and easy roll mounting.
  • Selected AC variable frequency spindle motor c/w “OMRON” encoder provides reliable, constant high torque at low speed and constant output at high speed.

Technical Specification



Max. swing over bed (Max. roll diameter)


Max. turning length (Max. roll length)


Height of center over bed guideways


Max. weight of roll (Max. loading)


Max. torque of face plate


Max. cutting force


Diameter of 4-jaw chuck (Heavy-duty)


Type of bed guide ways


Width of bed


Taper of spindle bore

Φ100mm, 1:7

Spindle speed range


Step of spindle speed

Variable speed

Gear shifting in headstock

Automatic gear shifting by hydraulic

Main motor power (Frequency spindle motor)


Tool post longitudinal feed rate


Tool post longitudinal rapid feed rate


Tool post cross feed rate


Tool post cross rapid feed rate


Longitudinal & cross feed speed

Variable speed

Torque of servo motor–longitudinal axis (Z)


Torque of servo motor–cross axis (X)


Movement method of tailstock

Power feed

Diameter of tailstock quill


Taper hole of tailstock quill

Φ80mm, 1:7

Travel of tailstock quill


CNC Controller

Siemens 802D

Solution accuracy


Machine overall dimension (LxWxH)


Machine weight (Approx)